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Yerba Santa bundle

Yerba Santa bundle

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Yerba Santa, translated to “holy herb” in Spanish, is a resinous evergreen shrub with purplish flowers. Native to California, Oregon, and Arizona, it has a rich history of traditional use and was prized for its medicinal properties by various native communities throughout the western coast, including the Chumash.

Energetically Yerba Santa is used to purify and release emotional pain. It is used to protect and set healthy boundaries when burned.

Yerba Santa is best known for its affinity to the lungs, including respiratory infections. It has been used by various peoples as a powerful decongestant and for acute conditions, such as colds and congestion and excess mucus from seasonal allergies, and for deep-seated infections such as bronchitis.

It is extremely rich in flavonoids. These have been researched for their antioxidant and protective properties. Yerba Santa has been used in the past as an antibacterial, as it contains eriodictyol, a phytochemical known to be an effective antibiotic.

The bundle measures approx 4” long.

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