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Sea Green LLC

Rejuvenation Sanctuary Tall Glass Candle 12.5 oz

Rejuvenation Sanctuary Tall Glass Candle 12.5 oz

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Ah, serenity in a jar! Big Dipper Wax Works' Beeswax Aromatherapy Sanctuary Glasses are here to bathe your senses in pure beeswax bliss. Made with 100% natural beeswax and therapeutic essential oils, these candles are like tiny mood-boosting powerhouses. This Rejuvenation Sanctuary Candle blends the invigorating scent of sweet orange and the comforting scent of clove bud essential oils. The glass vessel measures 8” tall by 2 1/2” diameter. 

  • Plus, they burn for a whopping 90 hours, so you can soak up the good vibes for ages.
  • So go ahead, ditch the drama, and light up your inner peace. Your sanctuary awaits.
  • Bonus points for fun: Beeswax burns cleaner than soy candles, so you can breathe easy while you chill. 
  • These beauties come in a sturdy 12.5 oz glass jar with a lid, so they're perfect for travel and reuse.
  • Big Dipper Wax Works is a small, family-run business, so you're supporting good vibes all around.
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