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Milagros Crystal Heart Ukraine Aid

Milagros Crystal Heart Ukraine Aid

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Moved by the horrible war in Ukraine, I wanted to give back in some way.  As a result, I created this Milagros inspired concrete and crystal mosaic heart made with blue kyanite, harlequin quartz, and red jasper.  I picked these stones for their intrinsic beauty yet upon further investigation they are the perfect synchronistic stones in these times of turmoil. Blue kyanite helps bring tranquility and build negotiable relationships.  Harlequin quartz helps shatter mistruth and corruption. Red jasper encourages justice and support in times of stress.  

I am donating $20 from the sale of this piece to a non-profit Ukrainian Aid organization.  

It's approximately 7" length x 5" width x 1 1/2" thickness.

May peace, love and light prevail.  

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