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Ceremonial Wildflower, Sage + Beeswax Taper Bundle

Ceremonial Wildflower, Sage + Beeswax Taper Bundle

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These ceremonial wildflower, sage and beeswax tapers are so lovely and will invoke a special ceremony within your space and soul. Light your fire!

These hand tied sustainably harvested California white sage smoke cleansing bundles are not just beautiful but wonderful energy cleansing tools. Each one is unique and full of natural magic and love. Various ancient cultures have used sacred sage to purify, cleanse and protect oneself or a special space throughout history. Smoke cleansing is like taking an energetic bath. Simply untie the bundle and smudge your space with the white sage. Maybe save your dried flowers in a tiny bud vase to enjoy or burn them with the sage. 

These bundles make great housewarming gifts. Each one is unique and made with different wildflowers and wrapped with recycled dyed silks...may vary from image shown, but don’t worry, your bundle(s) will be beautiful. Information and instructions will be included. You will receive one bundle approximately 9” sage and 12” skinny tapers in length.

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