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Celebration Bundle Beeswax Candles + Palo Santo

Celebration Bundle Beeswax Candles + Palo Santo

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Celebrate and encourage all the good vibes with these hand tied Beeswax and Palo Santo bundles.  

Beeswax candles to be lit for a special ceremony or whenever you choose.  Beeswax candles burn with a warm golden flame that radiates the same spectrum of light as the sun.  It is naturally aromatic, infused with the sweet scent of honey.  When you burn beeswax candles it releases negative ions that improve air quality and cleanse the air.  

Palo Santo is burned in ceremonies by Shamans for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage. It creates a pleasant, fresh smelling smoke with hints of mint and citrus that work well in keeping away mosquitoes and other flying insects. Its uplifting scent raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper spiritual connection. It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune. It can be burned like incense or shave off little pieces to burn with sage or just let it sit as is for beneficial affects in your space. Ethically sourced. 

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