Sea + Green in a Box

Sea + Green in a Box

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We handpicked our favorite pieces from our store to create this special S + G gift box. The handmade wooden sliding top box includes the following:


- a botanically scented anti bad vibe car freshener

- an ethically sourced palo santo stick

- a signature P.F. candle (this one has Pinon)

- a mini magical wildflower sustainably harvested California white sage bundle

- a Geo shaped all natural soap

- a concrete heart embedded with dried flowers

- a silk bandana/scarf dyed by our family with flowers and plants

- a red + a white felt heart made in Oregon

- an organic mini mast chocolate bar made in Brooklyn

- a stromatolite fossil, one of the first forms of life on the planet, helps with blockages and emotional healing

We chose these special pieces to evoke a sense of the spread the love, good vibes and the signature scents of our space.  We hope this box helps you create a sacred and peaceful space of your own. The wooden box and its contents retail value is $150 but our special price is $135.