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Super exciting workshop coming to our space!

Synergy 5 Crystal Set Activation ✨
August 1st 2019 5-7pm

We are so excited to host Peter, my crystal shaman guru and Donna, his partner artist + wand maker extraordinaire, to share the powers of these 5 synergistic stones.
These Synergy 5 sets will aid in the planet’s ascension while assisting our individual 5D experience. The Synergy 5 set creates a vortex of healing energy that harmonizes with our bio-energetic frequency on a multi-dimensional level.

Cost $111 includes your own personalized set of stones and some one on one time with the creators of these sets to help you activate your own personal set to use for meditation and healing at home.

Call us to preregister over the phone or stop in the shop to hold your spot, $20 deposit required. Limited space, first come first reserved.