Earth Celebration Box

We are so happy to introduce our premiere seasonal celebration box from our store to your home.  We have curated a special Spring Equinox Celebration Box full of love with a selection of spring inspired handmade and found treasures. This first Spring Equinox Box will feature a handmade botanically dyed silk bandana made by our family. In addition, there will be a terrazzo inspiried gem soap made in the USA with sustainably sourced plant based oils and butters. We will be adding a large ethically sourced sage bundle adorned with dried flowers, recycled silk sari ribbon and a mystery crystal. This box will also include an adorable antique glass bottle, a treasure from the past to bring you joy.  You can use this bottle as a bud vase for new spring flowers or untwine your sage bundle and put those dried flowers in it.  As a final piece we are including the element of fire, two celebration beeswax candles and a stick of palo santo to cleanse and set positive intentions for the new Spring to come.