One Raw Citrine Point - product images  of
One Raw Citrine Point - product images  of
One Raw Citrine Point - product images  of

One Raw Citrine Point

approx 1/2" to 1"
These little drops of crystal sunshine will help you manifest whatever you desire. The 7 laws of attraction are at work when you are using these very powerful crystals. In order to attract anything, you need to first imagine it, and Citrine will aid you to boost your imagination. For aiding you to be able to better imagine anything you desire. You may learn how to manifest what you desire in your life including the ability to bring wealth. In some places it is known as the merchants stone...this relates to the increased abundance and prosperity in your life that may be the result of using it, especially if you have a business. This is for 1 citrine point, each one is different. Each point measures approximately 1" in length and width.

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