Welcome to Sea & Green

We believe that art, innovation and sustainability can exist together in one product and that is what we strive to sell at our space in Asbury Park, at our online boutique, at local maker shows and now wholesale.

Our mission is to bring environmentally conscious, thoughtful, unique and beautiful items to our customers. We feature handmade one-of-a-kind art, home decor and accessories. We also bring in a mix of vintage finds, and new items made of natural and/or recycled materials.

Come visit our retail space in Asbury Park on the boardwalk in the Market at Fifth.


Change is a coming...Sea + Green is moving on to new adventures.

Sea & Green began as a tiny seed of a dream and first sprouted up in Bay Head in the summer of 2007. In 2008, we took root in our current location in Point Pleasant Beach. We blindly jumped into retail and we were greeted with love and support. Soon word spread of our eco boutique and artists from around the county and beyond came hoping to sell their wares. Supporting the local art community was always a mission of Sea + Green and so this was a natural progression of our store. And so Sea + Green grew to become less a store and more of an artist co-operative, with the local artists as a collaborative and essential part of our store's operation. We made lifetime friends and we all had a common platform to display and sell our creations. It has blossomed into such an amazing opportunity working with all of these talented makers.

After Sandy we, as local artists, and you all, as local customers, really came together to make a true difference in the lives of so many affected by the storm. We were able to raise over $23,000 for Shores United Relief Foundation through the sale of our locally made reclaimed Sandy wood (wood pulled from trash piles) heart ornaments and one of a kind furniture and accessory line.

This space will be taking on a new name and a new owner, A Clever Spark. Many of you know Michal Sparks, of A Clever Spark. She has been a major part of Sea + Green since we moved to Point Pleasant Beach. She has made and sold a wide assortment of goods here in the shop, including the reclaimed fence wood art, textiles and so much more. Michal and I have collaborated on so many projects, window displays and life in general. She is a dear friend, a mentor in many ways, and a woman of many talents. Her daughter Ivy makes most of the jewelry in the store now and has also been a big part of Sea + Green since she was 10 years old. She is now a young woman and talented artist and designer, much like her mother. Both Michal and Ivy, along with another dear friend and local artist Joan Angelicola, will be changing this space into a new source of inspiration for the community. She will be offering new art classes and workshops both here and eventually abroad:) So exciting!

Sea + Green will still have our space in the Market at Fifth on the Asbury Park boardwalk. Please visit us there if you haven't already. We will be participating in local and far away (hopefully some in California) art & maker shows. Sea + Green's art will still be offered at A Clever Spark, as will some of the other local artists' pieces. This space will be similar yet all new at the same time, as A Clever Spark takes it to a new place with her amazing creations and art.

We hope we inspired you all in some sort of way and we hope to continue as Sea + Green takes it to Asbury Park, online and on the road.

With Much Love & Peace,

Sea + Green

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